Field Development Planning

Subsurface and Well Spacing


OAG Data Science Software Improves Predictability

De-risk the Subsurface

Improve earth models using machine learning with log, seismic, and core data.

Improve Well Spacing

OAG's proprietary reservoir depletion algorithms improve well spacing predictability

Manage Frac Hits

OAG's proprietary well interference algorithms improve frac hit predictability

Quantify Spacing Trends

How far apart do we place our wells?

Which completion designs should we consider?

Improve Well Planning Predictability

Reduce Planning Cycle Time



Quantify and improve the value of your existing rock data and earth models to support exploration and well planning decisions. OAG automates complex analytic processes, helping your geophysicists and geologists improve subsurface maps and predict missing rock properties.


Well Spacing

Drilling unit economics are a function of rock properties, well design, and well spacing. Understanding depletion is essential to improving well spacing decisions. OAG's physics-based reservoir depletion algorithms combine with machine learning to improve predictability of complex full stack development.


Frac Hits

Managing frac hits improves the predictability of pre-drill forecasts. OAG's proprietary well interference algorithms combine with machine learning to help predict the occurrence of frac hits and their impact on production of both wells.


Within three months of deploying OAG software to well spacing workflows, we improved the predictability of our pre-drill forecasts and reduced cycle time by three man months. 

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