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I started my career as a field-based completions engineer with a small independent operator that, like many of their peers, was in “lease grab” mode. Welcome to the frigid boomtown of Williston, ND circa 2011. The preparation process for...

Reservoir Modeling With Machine Learning

Author: Ursula Norris

Published On: Nov 19 2019

Can machine learning help asset teams plan for the new and potentially industry-threatening problem of frac hits? This problem affects any shale producer looking to extract more oil from their reservoir by closely spacing wells...

Understanding Frac Hits Using Machine Learning

Author: Rahul Verma

Published On: Nov 5 2019

Core sampling is an expensive yet essential part of exploration and production of oil and gas reservoirs. Samples are the only direct evidence available for reducing the uncertainty in reservoir characterization...

Predict Core Properties With Machine Learning

Author: Amrita Sen

Published On: March 7 2019

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